An Entire Year with Alexander von Humboldt: Events Marking the 250thAnniversary of His Birth

Even if the cosmopolitan Alexander von Humboldt spent long periods of his life in London, Paris, or on expeditions in distant lands, his extensive work is also omnipresent in Berlin. Numerous institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg bear his name and maintain his legacy, bringing it into the future.

To mark the 250thanniversary of the birth of this researcher and explorer, these institutions will be jointly celebrating Humboldt’s life and his wide-ranging work with numerous events. This is an incredible undertaking, for Humboldt’s work is almost as expansive as the regions and subjects he researched.

Join us in tracing Humboldt’s footsteps through the rainforests of South America or the steppes of Siberia. Explore astronomy, mineralogy, botany, and zoology, as well as human rights and ecological issues. Let yourself be guided by Humboldt’s own thirst for knowledge, his joy in discovery and his desire to understand global contexts.

We invite you to join us for a diverse and inspiring thematic year!

On Twitter please use the hashtag #AvH250.